Jeff Kim - General Manager (

Authorized Administrative Translator - Ministry of the Interior

Jeff began his localization career with LionBridge as translator and thereafter assumed a Project Manager position as well. Over a span of 15 years, Jeff also took a several management positions including Sales and Supplier management. Prior to joining LocPlanet, he held the Vendor Manager Position at LionBridge. BA in English Linguistics.

Lena YJ Nam - Lead Project Manager (

Lena has more than 12 years of localization production experience, with extensive experience in both project and vendor management. Prior to joining LocPlanet, Lena worked as localization project manager at PMG Integrated Communications. BA degree in English Literature.

Katie YJ Seok - QA Manager (

Katie has more than 12 years of localization production experience. Katie has proven experience as a language lead and QA specialist for sophisticated localization and globalization projects. Prior to joining LocPlanet, Katie worked as Language lead at LionBridge. BA degree in English Linguistics.

Chloe JY Byeon - Lead Linguist (

Chloe has more than 10 years of localization production experience. Chloe has performed translation, review and quality assurance tasks for a variety of IT localization projects. Prior to joining LocPlanet, Chloe worked as a linguist at Jonckers Translation Korea. BA degree in English Linguistics.

Lucy HK Ahn – DTP and Engineering Manager (

Lucy has more than 15 years of DTP management experience. Lucy supports the translation team in all aspects of multilingual desktop publishing. Prior to joining LocPlanet, Lucy worked in YBM’s localization division. BS degree in Industrial Graphic Design.

MK Eom – Engineer Lead (

MK brings over 15 years of software development and global project management experience in the localization industry to LocPlanet. Expert in multilingual project management and has worked with a number of renowned global companies such as Samsung and Microsoft. Prior to joining LocPlanet, MK held the position of Senior project manager at LionBridge. BS degree in Science.

Tanya MH Jang - Linguist (

Tanya started her career as industrial graphic designer. After finishing BA and Master degrees in Australia, she stepped into localization industry by leveraging her bilingual capability and marketing industry experience. She is proven expert in game translation with extensive knowledge in RPG games. Master Degree in Multimedia Design.

Jenny JY Jeon - Linguist (

She studied journalism and worked as marketing specialist for years in global AD companies. By maximizing her extensive experience in marketing communication, she takes crucial role in providing top quality translation of marketing and advertisement materials. Master Degree in Arts and Design.

Narie Park - Linguist (

Narie holds master degree in translation and fluent in English, Japanese, French, and Korean. As a language genius and big fan of Chinese TV shows, she started learning Chinese recently. She's also multi-talented singer and voice actor. Master Degree in Translation.